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19 May 2014
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New position - Project manager for TecLib’

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After leaving my position as Head of New Technologies division in SI2M MalakoffMederic, I started this May 19, my new job of Project Manager in TecLib .

TecLib is an innovative company (and recognized in the Open Source world). Its catalog of services is quite large:
- Formation
- Hardware and software Management (GLPI)
- EMail solution for entreprises (Zimbra, Zarafa, BlueMind)
- Electronic Document Management (EDM)
- Virtual desktop (VDI)
- Business Solutions ERP or CRM (Dolibarr, Odoo formerly OpenERP).

I leave a world where everything is complicated (large administrative groups) for a world of agility, pragmatism and quality (the brand of leading Open Source products).

From September, I would be located on the new agency that will be opened in Bordeaux, France (Page of the agency).

More information about Teclib :

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