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18 avril 2004
eldy ()

AWStats Log Analyzer 6.0 est disponible

J’ai packagé et mis à disposition de tous la version 6.0 d’AWStats, le logiciel d’analyse de logs Web.

Le package peut être téléchargé sur le site du projet AWStats :

Les changements de cette version sont les suivants (changelog disponible en anglais uniquement) :
Note :
New features/improvements :
Fixes :
- Fixed bug 599388 : Search engines are not detected if domain is IP
- Fixed bug 711758.
- Fixed bug 812681 : bad case for ENV expansion in awstats.conf.
- Fixed bug 813908 : Incomplete documentation
- Fixed bug 816267 : onedigit dayofmonth breaks syslog regex
- Fixed bug 817287,830458 : wrong regexp in Read_DNS_Cache subroutine
- Fixed bug 817388 : lib/ & lib/
- Fixed bug 818704 : Warning in IPv6 plugin when no reverse DNS
- Fixed bug 841877 : regex bug for parsing log lines
- Fixed bug 846365 : relative path not working for DirData.
- Fixed value for ValueSMTPCodes if not defined in config file.
- Fixed pb when country code is not same than lang code (example :
estonian has lang code ’et’ and country code ’ee’).
- Replaced Kb/visits to Kb/mails for mail log analysis.
- Remove some warnings that appears when running perl -W
- Other minor bugs (814970,823064,823323,831438,836315).
- Fixed bug in counting hits for miscellanous and clusters chart when
a temporary flush was done on disk during a long update.
- ExtraSections now works on all records whatever is the status code.
- Click on "Summary" now returns to top of page even with rawlog plugin.
- Fix in log parsing that should reduce dropped records to only records
that match a dropping criteria (SkipFiles, Skip..., Only...).
- Click on "Summary" now returns to top of page even with rawlog plugin.
- Fixed AmigaVoyager detection.
- Fixed bug in SkipHosts filter for mail log files.
- Fixed not working link for search keywords/keyphrase in menu with FireBird.
- Fixed pb in loading plugins with mod_perl2.
- Fixed not found relative DirData path with some Perl/OS versions.
- Fixed error in when current directory, while running
it, is where is stored.

New features/improvements :
- Increased speed by 10 to 20%.
- Added a Worms report (Added LevelForWormsDetection and
ShowWormsStats parameter).
- Added report for "not viewed" traffic in Summary report.
- Monthly history report has been extracted from the Summary report.
- Some changes to make AWStats to be XML compliant ready.
Need to set the new parameter BuildReportFormat to ’xml’ in config file.
Added also the BuildHistoryFormat parameter (Even if only ’text’ is
supported for the moment).
- A lot of part of codes have been rewritten to make code more easy to
understand and reduce unknown bugs.
- The link to whois informations for a host, provided by hostinfo plugin,
has been replaced by an internal ’whois’ showing in a popup window full
whois informations whatever is the TLD of IP or host name.
- A new search engine database to allow several "match id" for same
search engine. Example : All google ip referer id are recognised.
- Can use UA and HOST fields to build personalized ExtraSection reports.
- Added support for AND conditions in personalized ExtraSection config.
- Support for right to left languages. Added ’he’ language.
- Added LevelForSearchEnginesDetection parameter to choose between 2 possible
levels of detection for search engines (like LevelForRobotsDetection).
Also, added LevelForFileTypesDetection parameter (2 possible levels).
- Added percent column for file types.
- The robot chart now shows details between hits on robots.txt file and
other hits.
- Count of keywords/keyphrases does not increment counter for hits made
on images from a google cached page.
- Added patch 857319 : Allow several IPs and IP ranges in
AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingIPAddresses parameter.
- Added experimental graphapplet plugin (graph are built by applet).
- Webmin module updated to 1.210 to integrate all new parameters.
- Better setup error messages for newbie.
- Reports look better on Mozilla browsers.
- Added decodeUTFkeys plugin to AWStats to show correctly (in language
charset) keywords/keyphrases strings even if they were UTF8 coded by
the referer search engine.
- Added/updated a lot of os, browser and country icons.
- Added Hebrew and Galician language.
- : A new script to configure AWStats and Apache and
build a simple config file.
- : The -date option has been replaced
by the -buildate=%YY%MM%DD option so you can choose your own date format.
- : Added the -configdir option.
- : Changes to be compatible with new AWStats databases.
- : can use several threads for reverse DNS lookup
with Perl 5.8.
- : Allow to process qmail log preprocessed by
tai64nlocal tool.
- : Added support for MDaemon mail server log files.

Other/Documentation :
- A httpd.conf sample to configure AWStats is provided.
- Added example for analyzing hits by ExtraSections.
- Updated database :
wget is known as a "grabber" browser, no more as a robots.
netcaptor and apt-get added in browser database.
asmx and aspx added in file.
Microsoft URL Control added in robot list.
- Documentation seriously updated.
- FAQ updated.

Note 0 : Perl 5.007 or higher is a requirement to use AWStats 6.9 or higher.

Note 1 : When migrating to 6.x series, if you use the ExtraSections feature,
you must check that the parameter(s) ExtraSectionConditionX use a full
REGEX syntax (with 5.x series, this parameter could contain simple string
values). If not, feature will be broken.

Note 2 : When migrating to 6.x series, if you use the Misc feature, you must
check that your ShowMiscStats parameter is set to "ajdfrqwp", if you want
to have all miscellanous info reported (you must also have added the
awstats_misc_tracker.js script in your home page as described in
MiscTrackerUrl parameter description). Otherwise the new default value "a"
will be used (only the "Add to favourites" will be reported).

Note 3 : In 6.x series, MaxLengthOfURL parameter has been renamed into

Note 4 : When migrating to 6.x series, to enable the new worm detection, you
must add parameter LevelForWormsDetection=2 in your config file.

Note 5 : When migrating to 6.x series, if you used the urlalias or userinfo
plugin, you must move the urlalias.*.txt or userinfo.*.txt file from Plugins
directory to DirData directory.