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15 mai 2004
eldy ()

AWStats Log Analyzer 6.1 est disponible

J’ai packagé et mis à disposition de tous la version 6.1 d’AWStats, le logiciel d’analyse de logs Web.

Le package peut être téléchargé sur le site du projet AWStats :

Les changements de cette version sont les suivants (changelog disponible en anglais uniquement) :
Note :
New features/improvements :
- The BuildHistoryFormat can now accept xml to build the AWStats
database in xml. The XML schema is available in tools/xslt directory.
- Added an example of xslt style sheet to use AWStats XML database.
- Added %time4 flag for LogFormat to support unix timestamp date format.
- Added Firefox to browser database.
- Added option IncludeInternalLinksInOriginSection (defined to 0
by default).
- Added field to choose size of list limit (rawlog plugin).
- Added ExtraSectionCodeFilterX parameters.
- PDF detection works also for browsers that support PDF 6 only.
- :
Added an automatic year adjustment for sendmail/postfix log
files that does not store the log. This solve problems for mail
analyses around new year.
- Added tooltips for mail reports (tooltips plugin).
Changed look of the summary report to prepare add of new informations.
- Added failed mails number in the summary.
- AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingAuthenticatedUsers is no more case
- Added new functions for plugins : AddHTMLMenuHeader, AddHTMLMenuFooter,
AddHTMLContentHeader, AddHTMLContentFooter
- Added detection of Camino web browser (old Chimera).
- Full updated robots database.

Fixes :
- Removed warning "Bizarre copy of ARRAY" with new Perl 5.8.4.
- Fixed syntax error in Year view when xhtml output is selected.
- Fixed a problem of not working misc feature when using IIS and
when URLWithQuery was set to 0.
- Now all non ISO-8859-1 languages are shown correctly even with
Apache2, whatever is the value of the AddDefaultCharset directive.
- Some plugins broke the xhtml output.
- Fixed wrong results for compression ratios when using mod_gzip and
%gzip_ratio tag.
- Fixed old bug showing string "SCALAR(0x8badae4)" inside html reports
when using mod_perl.
- Fixed the not allowed GET method when LogType=S.
- : Better management of error records with sendmail
and postfix (some "reject" records were discarded).
- : Fixed important bug where records were discarded
when server name was a FQDN.
- : Now works also on Mac OS X
- : If /etc/awstats directory does not exist, try to
create it. If /etc/awstats.model.conf not found on Linux, try to
find it in cgi-bin directory.
- Fixed some bugs when BuildReportOutput is set to xhtml (rawlog plugin)
- Number of shown lines were one more than required (rawlog plugin).
- xhtml output broken for some 404 reports.

Other/Documentation :
- BuildReportOutput=xml renamed into BuildReportOutput=xhtml
- Added arabic language file.
- Updated language file.
- Updated documentation.
- :