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6 novembre 2004
eldy ()

AWStats Log Analyzer 6.2 est disponible

J’ai packagé et mis à disposition de tous la version 6.2 d’AWStats, le logiciel d’analyse de logs Web.

Le package peut être téléchargé sur le site du projet AWStats :

Les changements de cette version sont les suivants (changelog disponible en anglais uniquement) :
Note :
New features/improvements :
- : Added -excludeconf option
- Allow plugins to add entry in menu.
- Allow plugins to add charts with its own way to compile data inside
the update process.
- Added the geoip_region_maxmind and geoip_city_maxmind plugins.
- : Support postfix 2.1 that change its log
format using NOQUEUE string instead of a number for mails that are
rejected before being queued.
- Little speed improvments.
- Counts javascript disabled browsers (A new MiscTracker feature).
- When a direct access to last line is successfull, awstats is directly
in mode "NewLine". No need to find a more recent record for this. This
means the NotSortedRecordTolerance works even between end and start
of updates.
- You can use a particular not used field in your log file to build
a personalized report with the ExtraSection feature. Just use a personalized
log format and use the tag %extraX (where X is a number) to name field you
want to use, then, in ExtraSection parmaters, you can use extraX to tell
wich info to use to extract data for building the chart.
- Support method "put" when analyzing ftp log files.
- Added a bold style around current day/month in label of charts.

Fixes :
- Fix not recognized %time3 tag in LogFormat. This tag allows to process
all FTP xferlog file format.
- Fix bad html generated with buildpdf option.
- : Added patch to work correctly with sendmail
when recipient is redirected through a pipe.
- Fix Bug 985977 : Failed to rename temp history file if contains special
char like "+".
- Patch 984087 for new year jump
- Fix Bug 983994 : Tooltips aren’t shown.
- Fix Bug 982803 : Bad display in Netscape 4.75 with Awstats version 6.1
- Fix Bug 975059 : Timezone Plugin Runtime Error
- Fix Bug 971129 : Bug in regexp handling for | in ExtraSections
Now for OR in ExtraSectionCondition you must use double pipe.
- Some fix to have correct flag for lang with code lang different of
country flag.

Other/Documentation :
- Updated documentation.
- Updated robot, browsers, os recognition databases.
- Better log messages in plugins.
- Renamed into
- Reduce code size.
- The NOTSORTEDRECORDTOLERANCE has been increased to 2 hours to be sure to
have no problem for users that change their hour by one.