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21 September 2015
eldy ()

AWStats Log Analyzer 7.4 is available

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I packaged and made ​​available to all, the version 7.4 of AWStats Log Analyzer.

The package can be downloaded from the website of the AWStats project:

Changes in this version are as follows :

New features:
- Add debian patch debian-patches-1019_allow_frame_resize.patch to add
option nboflastupdatelookuptosave on command line.
- #199 Added geoip6 plugin with support for IPv4 AND IPv6.
- Work with Amazon AWS log files (using %time5 tag).

- Fixes permission on some .pl scripts.
- #205 GetResolvedIP_ipv6 does not strip trailing dot.
- #496 tools scripts should print warnings and errors to STDERR.
- #919 Referrals not getting tracked due to improperly getting flagged as a search.
- Add debian patch 0007_russian_lang.patch.
- Add debian patch 2001_awstatsprog_path.patch.
- #921 Failure in the help text for
- #909 noisy debug output.
- #680 Invalid data passed to Time::Local causes global destruction.
- #212 Fix CVE-2006-2237

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