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14 October 2013
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Dolibarr 3.4.1 (maintenance release of 3.4 branch) available

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A maintenance release for the 3.4 branch of Dolibarr ERP & CRM is available.

Dolibarr 3.4.1 contains only bug fixes found on the 3.4 branch. We recommend anyone using version 3.4.0 to upgrade to this version. Like any maintenance release, this version does not contain any tables structure change nor new features.
You can download the "stable versions" section on the download area of portal.
Note: The freeze on new features for version 3.5 should be done soon too.

The list of fixes in this release and all maintenance releases of the 3.4 branch is available in English only

***** ChangeLog for 3.4.1 compared to 3.4.0 *****
Fix: Display buying price on line edit when no supplier price is defined
Fix: Retrieving of margin info when invoice created automatically from order
Fix: Reordering supplier products in list by supplier or supplier ref was crashing
Fix: [ bug #1029 ] Tulip numbering mask
Fix: Supplier invoice and supplier order are not displayed into object link into agenda event card
Fix: [ bug #1033 ] SUPPLIER REF disappeared
Fix: update extrafield do not display immediatly after update
Fix: Fix bug with canvas thirdparty
Fix: [ bug #1037 ] Consumption> Supplier invoices related
Fix: User group name do not display in card (view or edit mode)
Fix: Link "Show all supplier invoice" on suplier card not working
Fix: [ bug #1039 ] Pre-defined invoices conversion
Fix: If only service module is activated, it’s impossible to delete service
Fix: [ bug #1043 ] Bad interventions ref numbering
Fix: Mailing module : if an email is already in destinaires list all other email from selector was not inserted
Fix: Localtaxes balance not showing
Fix: Intervention box links to contracts id
Fix: Compatiblity with multicompany module
Fix: Edit propal line was losing product supplier price id
Fix: Delete linked element to supplier invoice when deleted
Fix: [ bug #1061 ] Bad info shipped products
Fix: [ bug #1062 ] Documents lost in propals and contracts validating
Fix: Supplier price displayed on document lines and margin infos didnt take discount
Fix: sorting on qty did not work in supplier product list
Fix: there was no escaping on filter fields in supplier product list
Fix: bugs on margin reports and better margin calculation on credit notes
Qual: Add travis-ci integration

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